Words from the Bloodrose Thicket


On this appointed tree, most gracious Queen,
Your spotted Serpent sheds His gleaming sheath,
And bows His head until the Star of life is seen,

From Earth, Your fertile body far beneath,
Pregnant through winter nights and warm spring days,
The infant year shall rise to wear His kingly wreath.

Roses of blood and consecrated horns
Shall bless my head, and joy my cup shall fill:
But now for love of You I wear the crown of thorns.

–Victor Anderson, Thorns of the Blood rose.

My late Teacher, Gabriel Carrillo, when asked by the curious what they could read to learn more about the Faery Tradition, invariably responded:  “Victor Anderson’s book of poetry, Thorns of the Blood rose.”  It’s perhaps a natural train of events that the first lessons offered to teach the Faery Tradition in a classroom model eventually came to be known as the Bloodrose school, in the course of time giving birth to the Bloodrose lineage in the Tradition.  A number of lines of Faery (aka Feri)  adapted Bloodrose practices and adopted liturgy composed by the Bloodrose Witches and those with whom they circled to enrich the Tradition.  In the process, these pioneers made a much more elaborate practice out of what had been by and large a kitchen-centered, Work-focused Tradition.

In this space, I’ll be exploring various strands of Witchcraft and how it has changed how I live my life and how I experience the world in which I walk, work, play, and dream.  I write as a Faery Witch, but there are other worlds of the Craft that call to my heart, and as the occasion moves me, I will share some of these.  Another of my Teachers likes to say that “Witches see the patterns in things.”  She has also been known to insist: “Witches show honor, respect, and loyalty to all the Kingdoms of life, not just the human.”  Readers of this space may expect some reflections spun from that potent teaching as well.

I have chosen the words above of Victor’s as a beginning, because they so beautifully encapsulate my own ambivalent feelings in embarking upon this experiment.  I am keenly aware of the beauty of these Roses, and the cup of joy that awaits, but writing about my Craft in a somewhat public space also brings elements of the wearing of the crown of thorns.  How I work out this tension and discomfort will no doubt weave into the thread of further reflections.  Until new drops of Witchblood be shed from the Holy Rose, may Her Triple Will bless those who seek Her Blessings, with the true Self-Knowledge that is the seed of all Wisdom. IO EvoHe.



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