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Hail the Midsummer Bee-Goddess

(Art:  Bee Goddess by Q. Cassetti) The Feast of Midsummer invariably brings to mind the mysterious and enthralling cult of the Bee Goddess, the Great Queen Bee.  So far as I am aware, the phrase “Midsummer Bee-Goddess”  first came to … Continue reading

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Mutating Bloodrose

        Mutating Bloodrose Spiral within spiral, fold within fold, Never oh never may this secret be told: Blossom of scarlet, blossom of bone Never oh never shall it be known: Ever a new dance, a new song … Continue reading

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The Divine Twins at Midsummer

The dyad of the Twins leads seemingly inexorably to the formulation of trinity. Whether this be the trinity of Their parentage from the Sky Father or Great Mother, or in some other sacred triangularity, an implicit triplicity is revealed over … Continue reading

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