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Lugh, the light of summer bright, Clothed all in green, Tailtiu, his Mother true, Rise up and be seen. At your Festival sounds the horn, Calling the people again, Child of barleycorn, newly summer-born, Ripening like the grain. —Gwydion Pendderwen, … Continue reading

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The Midsummer Power of St John’s Wort

Traditionally gathered at dawn on Midsummer Day (or, perhaps, at twilight on Midsummer Eve, when the Fair Folk and Lordly Ones were said to gather on the hilltops and high places), St John’s Wort is sometimes known as St Joan’s … Continue reading

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God Herself

Quakoralina, the Star Goddess A lovely black woman is waiting, waiting In the boundless night. A river of blackbirds are mating, mating, In the dim starlight. Down out of the sky they come winging, winging, Drawn to Her black flame, … Continue reading

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