FreyR, Harvest Lord, Harvested Lord

(Art by Brigón Munkholm)

With softsmile shimmering,
As ripened fields glimmering
At Summer’s high tide:
Like bright gold your hair
Seductive your lair
My beauty Your pride:
Flame that desire has wrought,
Swift with the swiftness of thought,
Heat of desire
Summer’s bright fire
You have taken me, FreyR, you have claimed Your own!
–Invocation to FreyR (by Leafshimmer)

On this night of August Eve, as we move into the sacred tide of Lammas and the offering of the first fruits of the fields, I find myself remembering Freyr, Lord of the Harvest and Harvested Lord.  Brother of Freyja, known to some as the Golden God and the Bringer of Joy, friend of farmers and ally of those who seek the wisdom of the ancient Earth magic, FreyR also was my personal Initiator into the mysteries of the Runes and to a deeper understanding of my own nature as a worker of magic and keeper of once-forgotten lore. His gentle, nurturing guidance has opened new paths in the tangled undergrowth at my feet, and shown me a footpath up steep mountain slopes I had thought completely beyond my reach.  Whether I have been consciously aware of Him or not, whether I have known Him by this Name or one of his myriad Others, FreyR has been a Presence in my life… a Presence I realized had been with me from the beginning.

FreyR, as a noble lord of the ancient Vanir, is the Ruler of the Faery realm. In truth, I believe I was born with His fiery mark upon my soul.  But it was not until I was moving through early middle age that I had several experiences that brought Him to the fore of my consciousness. His dramatic epiphany during the twilight of my fortieth decade heralded the awakening of a new phase, a pivotal turn in the spiral labyrinth of my current Earthwalk.

In the wider world, I see FreyR’s influence manifest far beyond the rebirth of Heathenism and the renewal of the old Pagan ways. It does not take much imagination to see the touch of the Harvest Lord at work in such spheres as the flourishing of the organic farming movements, in the settling of Intentional Communities (particularly those dedicated to fostering greater Earth consciousness and peaceful, cooperative forms of society), and, perhaps, in the renewal of Men’s Mysteries within the broader domain of Pagan spiritualities.  I don’t see these developments as exclusively the result of FreyR’s Presence and the
unique ferment of His secret current, but I do see Him taking a lively interest in how these phenomena have unfolded.

I remember a line in a favorite novel of college days, Lord Dismiss Us by Michael Campbell:  “Serenity comes only after passion.”  Perhaps the most important role FreyR’s presence is playing in my life now is His firm weight upon the need for Balance in all phases of vital existence.  What I feel He is embodying for me
is this:  true wisdom comes not by subjugating the needs of the body to the will of the intellect, nor by seeking the hedonist’s transfiguring “disorder in all the senses” (to quote Rimbaud’s phrase), but in a joyful acceptance of all parts of human selfhood. Above all, I feel His love manifesting in a reinvigorated vision of the role we humans play as one among many Kingdoms of species living, playing and evolving here on our beloved Earth.  His laughter echoing from the Hollow Hills into the summer-filled meadows that surround my own home brings the magic and mirth of the Shining Ones into the warm abode of my own hearth.  I feel His embrace in the arms of my own lover. His heat is here in the thrusting of our cocks together. I know that my own heartbeat also partakes of the rhythm of FreyR’s sacred circle.  In the gold and purple of twilight, in the silvered grey of dawn, His eyes shine forth and teach me to cherish each moment as alight with the splendor of His secret beauty.  Above all, FreyR’s love is a reminder that life, which may seem like a struggle and an unremitting vigil in the lonely watches of the night, can actually become a dance of joy and fulfillment when we invoke into ourselves the Golden God and His love for our Earth–and for life itself.

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2 Responses to FreyR, Harvest Lord, Harvested Lord

  1. Willow says:

    Truly beautiful Shimmer! The kind of beauty that shines with power and speaking one’s truth. It is real that love of the earth and love of life is our saving grace that gives meaning to our life here on earth. I am sure that you are correct in that the Gods of earthly joy take a keen interest in the affairs of taking care of the earth, particularly in this time of so much destruction of natural habitats for the good of greed. However, I do see His hand in the making of it.
    Love and blessings,


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